Pre-Design begins with a programming meeting where you and the TDG project team discuss the upcoming project. This is a time for TDG to collect information about your wants, needs and dreams for the new building’s exterior and interior designs. TDG will ask detailed questions about your daily routines, square footage estimates and space adjacency relationships.
Preliminary budget parameters are also determined at this time, either by TDG or the general contractor. Field work is performed by the survey team and the site is analyzed for layout.


Schematic Design


Based on the information gathered during the pre-design phase, the TDG design team begins schematic design with a conceptual site development plan. Once this concept is approved the team then begins with detailed space planning. Our site based design theory directs our efforts to ensure that the custom home takes advantage of the identified view corridors and unique natural features. Preliminary exterior elevations are sketched to see the shapes and forms come to life. Exterior and interior material and color concepts are discussed. You are asked to share your thoughts and provide feedback on the initial design concept.


Design Development


Preliminary designs are transferred from sketch to computer format during design development. A realistic computerized 3D model is created. This visually explains the shapes and forms of the building. Then the model is rendered and photorealistic images of the home are created. Preliminary floor plans, exterior and interior elevations, sections, details, electrical, reflected ceiling and landscape plans are drawn. Exterior and interior material samples are collected and presented to you. Final material decisions are confirmed. Again, you are consulted to help refine the design. Preliminary architectural review committee packages are assembled and submitted.


Construction Documents


All of the initial plans are further refined in the construction document phase including notes, schedules and dimensions. Structural engineering components are designed, calculated and stamped by a licensed engineer. Final architectural review committee packages are assembled and submitted for approval. County or city permitting documents are submitted for building permits. You and your general contractor receive a final CD set and material selection specification notebook upon the design completion.


General Contractor Selection


In the event that you do not have a general contractor selected, TDG is committed to helping you find a general contractor who is right for your project. We start with conducting preliminary general contractor interviews. Then, two to three companies are selected to provide bid estimates in a fixed fee or cost plus format. TDG works with the bidding general contractors to answer any questions that arise during the estimate process. The bid estimate opening presentations are also coordinated by TDG. We help you ask the right questions so you can confidently enter into a contract with the selected general contractor.


Owners Representative

If this service is requested, TDG actively participates in the construction of our designs by acting as the owner’s representative, providing integrity, oversight, and accountability. On-site field visits are regularly performed to ensure design integrity. The design team is readily available to assist your general contractor when questions arise during construction. We will perform a final walk-through with you to compile a “punch list” for your contractor. This service is particularly valuable to clients who are not familiar with construction, or who may be from out of town and not available during the construction process.


LEED For Homes Certification

The option to certify your project through the U.S. Green Building Council LEED for Homes program is available. TDG will facilitate the entire administrative and design procedure. Decisions are made throughout the traditional design process, beginning with the completion of the LEED for Homes project checklist during pre-design. Jim Tebbs is LEED AP certified.

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