Design Philosophy

Tebbs Design Group is committed to excellence in client satisfaction. Our integrated design philosophy balances thoughtful space-planning, artistic vision and experience in order to improve the quality-of-living for our customers. This design-model enhances the built-environment through architectural integrity, sustainability, site unification, and community enhancement. Our design philosophy originates from a landscape-based design principle: the character of the land sets the tone for the design. Purity of form is essential to creating a home that is a timeless masterpiece.
Each custom home design is meticulously planned focusing on site integration, architectural significance, efficient space planning, and attention to detail. These elements are creatively blended with our client’s personality and lifestyle needs to create a design that is truly unique.

Total Concept Philosophy

Our design philosophy is rooted in an integrated and holistic design approach. Our firm will collaborate to provide all necessary design for your entire project. We will design the building and its space planning, while integrating all aspects of the interior design and landscape design. This provides our clients with one creative vision that promotes architectural integrity and harmony between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The same amount of care in design is given to the outdoor spaces as the interior. Total concept, total harmony, and total satisfaction.
Once the design is complete Tebbs Design Group offers project oversight. We are not a design-and-build firm, Tebbs Design Group acts as the owner’s representative. Tebbs Design Group provides the same simplified design-and-build process with integrity, oversight, and accountability. With this model, we design and specify products that are best for your project with no conflict-of-interest. Additionally, Tebbs Design Group will work with you to find the best general contractor for your needs and consult on the entire construction process.

peace of mind

Our clients have the peace-of-mind from knowing that all plans and specifications are followed, no short-cuts are taken, and they have the best-quality custom home within their budget.

Sustainability Philosophy

The most sustainable design is that which endures. With a sustainable vision for the future, our total concept design team infuses current technology with the architectural character and beauty of craftsmanship that we find in the past.  All of which creates spaces that nourish and embrace the human spirit.
What Is Sustainable Or “Green” Design?

Sustainability is a universal term that means something or a process is indefinitely self-sufficient. Sustainable building design is a voluntary approach for people to reduce their impact upon the environment while designing, building and utilizing new structures. The principles promote conservation, energy efficiency, recycling and renewable resources in an attempt to reduce energy and material waste. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) leads the industry in providing guidelines and certification of sustainable buildings under the LEED program. Our firm is ready to design your new sustainable home to these responsible standards, as Jim Tebbs is LEED AP (Accredited Professional) certified by USGBC.

Why Is Sustainable Or “Green” Design Important?
Sustainable home design is important in both the short and long term. For example, “green” building practices and products can immediately lead to reduced energy bills and cleaner air. In the long run, materials can be recycled into new products, eliminating unnecessary landfill waste. “Green” strategy implementation reduces dependence upon raw materials and natural resources which allows humanity to live in conjunction rather than conflict with their local and global environments.